Simpler Service Mesh

Maesh is a straight-forward, easy to configure, and non-invasive service mesh that allows visibility and management of the traffic flows inside any Kubernetes cluster.

Route and Monitor all your service-to-service communications with ease

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Increase cluster security with Maesh

Improve Security

By improving monitoring, logging, and visibility, as well as implementing access controls. Allows administrators to increase the security of their clusters easily and quickly.

Monitor and trace applications communications in Kubernetes with Maesh

Optimize Communications

By being able to monitor and trace how applications communicate in your Kubernetes cluster, administrators are able to optimize internal communications, and improve application performance.

Maesh - Service Mesh easy to implement

Go to Market Faster

Reducing the time to learn, install, and configure makes it easier to implement, and to provide value for the time actually spent implementing. Administrators can focus on their business applications.

Maesh - Open source service mesh opt-in by design

Future Proof Your Cluster

Being open source means that there is no vendor lock-in, as Maesh is opt-in by design. Being able to see where resources are underutilized, or where services are overloaded quickly and easily can save money by allowing resources to be allocated properly.

Maesh Architecture

Built on top of the leading Traefik proxy for routing.

Before Maesh

No control on the internal communication, and no tracing, monitoring possible.

After Maesh

Internal communication fully controlled and monitored.

Maesh Features

Able to provide all the features that Traefik offers.

Maesh - Open Source service mesh

Open Source

  • Driven by the community.

  • Avoid any form of lock-in.

Maesh - OpenTracing support and pre-installed with Prometheus and Grafana


  • OpenTracing Support: Works with all compliant OpenTracing systems.

  • Out-of-the-box Metrics: Pre-installed with Prometheus and Grafana.

Maesh - Service mesh HTTP and TCP compatible


  • HTTP layer: HTTPS, HTTP/2, native gRPC, Websockets.

  • TCP layer: Route raw TCP connection for any applicative protocol other than HTTP.

Maesh - Service mesh with load balancing, retries, failovers, circuit breakers and rate limits

Traffic Management

  • Load balancing: From weighted round-robin to canary deployments.

  • Retries & failovers: Don’t let a network hiccup affect your customers.

  • Circuit breakers & rate limits: Always answers valuable content.

Maesh - Service mesh SMI compliant

Security & Safety

  • SMI Compliance: Supports the Service Mesh Interface (SMI) specification.

  • Access controls: Control who has access to which resource.

Maesh - Service mesh easy to install and configure

Easy installation and configuration

  • One-line Installation: Get all features from startup with a single command line.

  • Non-invasive: Maesh does not use any sidecar container and does not need any pod-injection.

Run it everywhere that Kubernetes does!

Maesh integrates into Kubernetes natively. Use it with your current ingress controller, and test it out. Use the Maesh services as your ingress endpoints, and see what Maesh can do for you!

Ready to start your Maesh journey?

Maesh is installable via Helm, and is extremely easy to customize, or to package into other solutions that are able to deploy charts.

Install Maesh and test how it performs on your environments, without having to commit or submit to invasive pod-injection conditions!