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Built for the Enterprise and designed for business-critical deployments, TraefikEE is highly available, scalable, and secure.

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The Power of Traefik with Enterprise in Mind

Highly Scalable

Able to replicate and reduce automatically, to save resources.


Encrypted communications between nodes, and separated responsibilities ensure reliable security.


Our dashboard helps you visualize your cluster nodes configuration and status, in addition to aggregated data plane metrics.

Highly Available

TraefikEE is fault tolerant, ensuring your data is always available and safe.

Includes Support

TraefikEE provides an additional CLI and top notch engineering team to immediately investigates and resolves critical issues.

Smooth Operations

TraefikEE comes with an additional CLI: traefikeectl. It brings instant bootstrap and effortless cluster management.

How it Works


TraefikEE allows you to add or shrink your nodes as needed, automatically, by using auto-scaling tools.

Highly Available

TraefikEE is fault tolerant and runs natively in cluster mode without any extra configuration or external Key Value Store.


TraefikEE sets apart the responsibilities of your nodes, allowing the control plane only to deal with your infrastructure components. And it relies on encrypted communications between nodes to add an extra layer of security.



TraefikEE is Traefik with business in mind. It adds features that matter to your company.

Traefik TraefikEE
Websocket, HTTP/2, GRPC ready yes yes
Dynamic configuration yes yes
Metrics yes yes
Tracing yes yes
Let's Encrypt yes yes
Distributed Let's Encrypt - yes
High Availability - yes
Encrypted Cluster Communication - yes
Built-In Commercial Support - yes
One-Line Cluster Deployment - yes
Cluster-Wide Dashboard - yes
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